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From actual Tiffany studios window restorations to original art pieces, James Erickson Studios provides quality and experience.

Below are just a few examples of James Erickson Studio's work.


Gish Window 1999 Gish Window 1999 Gish Window Closeup Gish Window detail 1 Gish Window installed Gish Window Installed    
Cello and Cycle Cello & Cycle P-38 " Out of the purple valley " P-38 California Aquaduct P-38 (2)    
Sugar's Wall Peice - Stained glass mosaic Sugar's Sugar's wall peice Detail Sugar's detail Healing Mountain -Mosaic on wood Hyatt Regency Waikiki spa    
Stacked Glass Sculpture one Bamboo Bamboo        
Petroglyph 1 -Kiln formed & etched with copper leaf Petroglyph one Petroglyph 2 -Kiln formed & etched with gold leaf Petroglyph two        
The James Erickson Studios has been responsible for the successful restoration of dozens of historic stained glass windows, both large and small, in Hawaii and California.
With two studio locations, one in Berkeley, CA. and the other centrally located on the island of Oahu, HI., the studio is ready, willing and able to promptly respond to projects throughout the Pacific Region.
RESTORATION Examples in depth
Central Union Church
Central Union Church Central Union Church 1 Central Union Church Central Union Church 2 Central Union Church Central Union Church 3    

These windows were part of the original Central Union Church in Honolulu, Hawaii built at the turn of the century. The windows were removed before the old church building was demolished in the late 1960s. They had been stored and forgotten in a dusty warehouse at the Bishop Museum for over 35 years. When rediscovered, over 235 square feet of glass was completely restored and installed into a new building at Central Union Church in 2002.

Saint Paul's Episcopal Church
Saint Paul's window restored Saint Paul's window restored  


Before & After restoration

window in state of disrepairSaint Paul's window restored (detail)

Saint Paul's Episcopal Church at Lake Merrit, Oakland CA. The small window titled "Presentation at the Temple" was originally made in England over 80 years ago, and was completely painted in the traditional style. It was terribly smashed by vandals with only shards remaining. Every one of the 25 different colors of replacement glass needed was matched perfectly. All historic painting and effects were replicated and fully restored.

Extensive project -- resulting in several pieces
Salvaged pieces from French panels This extensive project involved almost 40 various stained glass panels made in France about 100 years ago, and removed from an old church in American Samoa that was demolished in the 60's. They had been stored in Hawaii for many years before the restoration in 2000. This project is still ongoing.
Dufe window before restoration
Saints salvage 2 Arched window
Arched window Arched window
Final pieces from combined French panels
Dufe final restoration Entryway door Arched window Arched window Arched window


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